MapR Distributes LucidWorks Search with MapR Platform

By on May 9, 2013

LucidWorks has partnered with MapR Technologies, a Hadoop technology vendor, to deliver the integration between LucidWorks Search and MapR. This solution enables organizations to search their MapR Distributed File System (DFS) to discover actionable insights from information stored in Hadoop.

LucidWorks Search supports a pre-defined MapR target data source within LucidWorks Search and enables users to create and configure the MapR data source directly from the LucidWorks Search administration console. “By making it easier for MapR customers to get their data into Search, they can use MapR for large-scale processing and they can use Search for ad hoc access via search box or search-related activities,” Grant Ingersoll, LucidWorks CTO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Enterprise security features offered by both MapR and LucidWorks Search are leveraged in the solution.

“We have a connector framework that allows us to plug in a number of different connectors to things like SharePoint, Documentum, file systems, web crawls, etc. What we’ve done there is hooked in with MapR so they can simply point LucidWorks Search at their MapR cluster and start ingesting all the data, essentially making that data searchable,” Ingersoll explains.

LucidWorks Search integration with MapR is available now. For more information, visit

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