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Infographic: 15 Years of The Apache Software Foundation

How a few optimistic webmasters changed the Web forever.

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Apache Solr 5.0 Highlights

The much anticipated Apache Lucene and Solr 5.0 was just released. It comes packed with tons of new features, stability improvements and bug fixes. Usability improvements A lot of effort…
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Solr 2014: A Year In Review

The last few years have seen Apache Solr move at a reasonably aggressive pace. 2013 marked the debut of SolrCloud: a newly architected, truly distributed mode of Solr. 2014 saw…
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Podcast: Hortonworks Adds Solr to HDP for Big Data Search

There’s been a lot of big news coming out of Hortonworks this week, namely announcing their partnership with LucidWorks to bring Solr-based search to their big data platform. This partnership…
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Amazon’s CloudSearch gets Solr Powered!

This is an exciting day for LucidWorks and the Lucene/Solr community as a whole. Amazon just announced their latest version of CloudSearch. What makes this release particularly exciting for us…
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Asynchronous Collection API calls in Solr

Ever since the introduction of long running collection API calls, it has been often noticed that the calls TIMEOUT every now and then. Calls like ShardSplit timeout without much information…
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Lucene/Solr Revolution EU – It’s a wrap and we’ll see you in DC!

The brightest minds in open source search convened in Dublin on November 4-7, 2013, to discuss topics and trends driving the next generation of search. Lucene/Solr Revolution EU featured four action…
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Road to Revolution: Ramp Up Your Web Experiences Using Drupal and Apache Solr

Drupal and Apache Solr search are a potent combination in the move towards “digital experiences” online. It is behind a growing number of customized, personalized enterprise platforms for eCommerce, healthcare,…
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Road to Revolution: Use Case Diagnosis – When is Solr Really the Best Tool?

The session, “Use Case Diagnosis – When is Solr Really the Best Tool?,” by Michael Hausenblas, Chief Data Engineer at MapR, will present an overview of common big data use cases…
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Road to Revolution: The First Class Integration of Solr with Hadoop

During the session, “The First Class Integration of Solr with Hadoop,” Apache Lucene/Solr Committer, Mark Miller talks about how Solr has been integrated into the Hadoop ecosystem to provide full text search…
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