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Downtown SF Solr Meetup: Performance & Ease of Use Enhancements in Solr

General Assembly - San Francisco

Join us to hear from Solr committers Ishan Chattopadhyaya and Noble Paul about new and upcoming enhancements for performance and ease of use in Solr.

Webinar: Site Search in an Hour with Fusion 3

Lucidworks - Webinar

Using Lucidworks View and Fusion 3, you can easily build and deploy site search in less than one hour. Even with multiple data sources, data transformations, and user interface development, a full enterprise search project can be completed in just an hour compared to the usual 6 months.

NYC Apache Solr Meetup: Building a Vibrant Search Ecosystem at Bloomberg

Civic Hall - New York City

Join Steven Bower and Ken LaPorte from Bloomberg's Search Infrastructure Team  to hear about the high performance, stable, and scalable search ecosystem they have built on Apache Solr to support a large, complex, and diverse set of search applications at Bloomberg.

Webinar: Building Conversational Search

Lucidworks - Webinar

In this webinar, we will look at how search is evolving to be more like spoken conversation. For example, the financial services industry is a very specific domain where traditional search is often insufficient. When an analyst says “earnings report” they don’t want to see documents with the phrase “earnings report,” they want a list of actual earnings reports. Traditional approaches put the burden on the user to specify fields and learn more about how the information is stored before composing a query. New approaches enabled by Fusion allow the end user to type in their normal everyday business language and get back meaningful results.

Webinar: Building Customer-Targeted Search

Lucidworks - Webinar

Customers ask questions, but often those questions are vague or incomplete. Simply showing male customers men’s shoes when they search for “shoes” is no longer enough. You now need to “know your customer” including who they are, where they are, what they’re interested in, what they looked at last time, and what similar customers looked at next. By providing a custom search experience to every user you can increase relevancy – and revenues.

NYC Apache Solr Meetup: Reflected Intelligence – Lucene/Solr as a self-learning data system

BlackRock - New York City

Join Lucidworks SVP of Engineering, Trey Grainger, for an evening to learn about evolving Lucene/Solr implementations into self-learning data systems which are able to accept user queries, deliver relevance-ranked results, and automatically learn from users’ subsequent interactions to continually deliver a more relevant experience for each keyword, category, and group of users.

Southern Data Science Conference

Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina - Atlanta

Lucidworks SVP of Engineering Trey Grainger will be speaking about algorithms & information retrieval systems at the Southern Data Science Conference on April 7.