Splunk With Super-Powers

Lucidworks Splunk Connector

Supercharge your Splunk UI with powerful dashboards, advanced monitoring, and across-the-board utilization statistics.

“SplunkThe Splunk plugin for Lucidworks Fusion provides users with the ability to join data from Splunk with data indexed in Solr directly inside the Splunk user interface. Data stored in e-mails, attachments, documents, databases and more can be easily accessed giving you a comprehensive view of your enterprise applications and services. The connector also provides pre-canned reports and dashboards for monitoring the health, availability and utilization of your Solr applications.

Many Uses

Monitor Solr from Splunk – Monitor the health, availability and utilization of Lucidworks and/or Solr deployments with pre-defined data inputs, dashboards and reports

Search Analytics – View the search term history, frequency and results count to understand the user behavior and search activity on your application

NoSQL Lookups – Using Splunk’s lookup facility, enrich your Splunk reports with data of any structure using Solr’s fully indexed and searchable NoSQL-datastore

Search Time Joins – Join Splunk data with human generated content and other unstructured data sources stored in Solr at search time to develop powerful data driven applications

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