Switch from Oracle Endeca to Lucidworks Fusion.

Lucidworks Fusion has everything you need to launch and scale 
a responsive, relevant, custom search experience to every customer.

Slash Licensing Costs

With Oracle Endeca, you probably have to pay to license the software and then probably have a monthly – and ever-increasing – maintenance bill. By moving to Lucidworks Fusion, you can contain your licensing costs so you can put your budget where it matters most – serving your customer.

Increased Relevancy 
& Customer Satisfaction

With Fusion, you’ve got the platform you need to build sophisticated enterprise-grade search apps that provide personalized, high-relevancy results for mission-critical decision making and intelligence.

Data Independence

With Oracle Endeca, your data is stuck in proprietary data models, and you’re tied to a vendor. Lucidworks Fusion ensures that your data is safely under your control, in an open format and not at the mercy of long maintenance contracts and costly service agreements. We have connectors for everything.

What can Fusion do for you?

Ready for enterprise search without the enterprise headache? Download Fusion and start building your first search app in minutes - or contact us today to learn more.