Search is everywhere.

Search has quickly evolved from being a text box on a website to being front and center in nearly every consumer and enterprise application.

Lucidworks is search.

Fusion makes Solr better.

As a standalone search platform or as an extension of your existing Solr implementation, Fusion provides the enterprise-grade capabilities needed to design, develop and deploy intelligent search apps at every level of your organization — at any scale.

Solr Enterprise

Production support from the world’s leading Solr experts.

Plays Well with Others

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Get the most of your Hadoop investment with real-time data accessibility and deep analytic capabilities.


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SiLK transforms data into visualizations and dashboards that are easily shared across the organization.


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Get the most out of Splunk by searching content trapped in documents and e-mails—all directly in the Splunk UI.



Connect your Couchbase instance to Solr to analyze massive amounts of data and build rich applications.


Developer Support

World-class Solr support from the leading Solr experts.

Solr Enterprise

Enterprise grade search solution and support for open-source Solr.


The most advanced search platform available.
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