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Getting Started with Lucene Setup

content findable. While you can build a search application without this knowledge using Lucene, the following brief introduction to search concepts will allow you to better leverage Lucene, which will…


Scaling Lucene and Solr

of RAM. You can omit norms with Lucene when adding a field to a document and with Solr by using the correct field definition in your Schema.xml file. Lazy Field…


Optimizing Findability in Lucene and Solr

…resources like dictionaries, thesauri and the like. Do the documents have any logical relationships between them? For instance, Internet search engines often benefit from link structure that relates one document


[Update] Accessing words around a positional match in Lucene 4

people don’t agree” }; [/code] In updating my code for Lucene 4 (4.3 specifically), the key differences from the previous examples have to do with using an AtomicReader (see Uwe…

Interview with Ian Holsman of Relegence (AOL)

ends up with is Relegence can get a document from when it was published to a screen within I’d say five minutes. Grant Ingersoll: Nice. Ian Holsman: Yeah. It’s not…

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The Apache Lucene Ecosystem: My view of 2009

closely involved with Lucene.NET, the community continues to provide value to those looking for a solid search library in .NET.  Since the project is mostly autogenerated from the Java sources,…

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Content Extraction with Tika

…example source package. Compile example: mvn clean install Execute mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=com.lucidimagination.article.tika.TikaParsePdf -Dexec.args=src/test/resources/SampleDocument.pdf Now that I have showed you how to parse plain text content from PDF document using Tika…



Introducing the Solr Scale Toolkit

on S3 from: s3://solr-scale-tk/pig/output/syn130m. To control how many SolrJ clients are sending documents to Solr, I force a reduce using Pig’s ORDER BY clause. In general, when indexing from Hadoop…


When the mapping gets tough, the tough use JavaScript

needs. For those situations, Fusion provides the Javascript stage. This post shows you how to develop and debug them. JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language. The JavaScript in a Javascript…

Interview with Karl Wettin on Lucene and Mahout

Grant Ingersoll talks to Karl Wettin, an Apache Lucene and Mahout Committer and independent Lucene Solr consultant. Karl talks about lexically complex European languages, using terms with shingles to…

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