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Scaling Lucene and Solr

structures. This optimization was only recently added to Lucene, and is not available in Solr yet, but is being worked on in SOLR-739 and should be available soon. Norms Use



Introducing the Solr Scale Toolkit

We’ll get to creating a collection and indexing some documents in a moment, but first, I’d like to cover an optional, but very useful feature of the Solr Scale Toolkit:…

Interview with Ian Holsman of Relegence (AOL)

an AOL subsidiary and a heavy Lucene and Solr user. Welcome, Ian. Ian Holsman: Hi. How are you? Grant Ingersoll: I’m doing well. Could we start off by having you…

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acts_as_solr with rich document indexing

(not discussed further here, but start script/server and to navigate to the usual http://localhost:3000/resumes. We’re going to stick closer to the metal and use script/console for direct ActiveRecord and Solr

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Getting Started with Lucene Setup

interface widgets may be used to more narrowly focus the search, thus improving both speed and quality of results. Searching – The process of identifying and ranking documents in relation…


Using Solr's REST APIs to manage stop words and synonyms

has editable configuration settings and data that supports a Solr component at runtime. For example, the set of stop words used by a StopFilter during text analysis is a resource,…

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Implementing the Ecommerce Checklist with Solr and LucidWorks

can go a long way in increasing the user’s ability to purchase items from your store.  Many of these features I’ll cover below. Flexible language analysis tools Lucene and Solr

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Content Extraction with Tika

use case with Solr where it makes sense to use Tika on the client side. If you only want to index and search document metadata (i.e. not the full text),…



Call Me Maybe: SolrCloud, Jepsen, and Flaky Networks

blog posts about network partitions and how distributed systems behave under them, users of Apache Solr have been asking how Solr performs in the face of such partitions. Many distributed systems tested…

Who is using Lucene/Solr

uses Solr for its search facility. CitySearch uses Solr for all searches on the site. Cnet use Solr for product search and faceted browsing. Comcast/Xfinity uses Solr