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Scaling Lucene and Solr

Solr builds out features on top, including: a platform independent interface, faceting, replication, caching, large scale distributed search, and much more. This article assumes you are familiar with the Lucene/Solr



Introducing the Solr Scale Toolkit

support distributed indexing in Solr; each shard has one and only one leader at any time and leaders are elected automatically using ZooKeeper. In general, you should not care about…

Interview with Ian Holsman of Relegence (AOL)

through in Solr. So I wasn’t really that much involved in the day-to-day development of it. I was more doing the benchmarking and the performance analysis of it, making sure…

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Getting Started with Lucene Setup

iterate in that last sentence. Often time, creating a small index, doing some searches and then adding or adjusting the indexing and searching processes as new features are discovered is…


acts_as_solr with rich document indexing

from ActiveRecord finder methods in addition to other Solr information, including the query_time and total number of documents matched. The order of the docs array defaults to descending score (a…

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Debugging Search Application Relevance Issues

relevant documents and nothing else. In practical terms, when talking about precision and recall in real systems, it is common to focus on precision and recall at a certain number…



Call Me Maybe: SolrCloud, Jepsen, and Flaky Networks

integers by reading a document using real time get, adding an integer to a multi-valued field and updating it with the last version read from Solr. create-set-client – This client…

Implementing the Ecommerce Checklist with Solr and LucidWorks

It is also very fast at making new documents available for search.  Additionally, with the combination of recent and upcoming work in Lucene, real time search should be available soon. …

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Scaling Solr Indexing with SolrCloud, Hadoop and Behemoth

distributed indexing depend on Hadoop, which may not be something everyone wants, especially in “smaller” (keep in mind, a single Solr instance can often handle upwards of 100-200 million documents,…

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Using Solr's REST APIs to manage stop words and synonyms

understand what I mean by “resource” and why you might want to perform CRUD operations on it. At its most basic level, a resource in Solr is any object that…

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