I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of LucidWorks Big Data 1.1.0 (download). While this is mostly a bug fix release, there are a few new features worth noting (read the release notes for more details):

  • We are now on LucidWorks Search 2.5.2, which delivers Lucene/Solr 4.1.0, as well as a number of other capabilities
  • Support for ingesting CSV and SolrXML from HDFS
  • New docs on working with data via Pig as well as for installing LWBD on premise (see also Pig and HBase with LucidWorks Big Data)

If you’re interested in a quick tutorial on LucidWorks Big Data, checkout my last blog post: Getting Started with LucidWorks Big Data

If you have any questions, please either contact us or visit our support forums.