Webinar: Solr 4, the NoSQL Search Server

By on May 16, 2013

The long awaited Solr 4 release brings a large amount of new functionality that blurs the line between search engines and NoSQL databases. Now you can have your cake and search it too with Atomic updates, Versioning and Optimistic Concurrency, Durability, and Real-time Get!

Learn about new Solr NoSQL features and implementation details of how the distributed indexing of Solr Cloud was designed from the ground up to accommodate them.

Featured Presenter:

Yonik Seeley – Creator of Apache Solr and the Chief Open Source Architect and Co-Founder at LucidWorks. Mr. Seeley is an Apache Lucene/Solr PMC member and committer and an expert in distributed search systems architecture and performance. His work experience includes CNET Networks, BEA and Telcordia. He earned his M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Watch session video.

Session Slides:

Solr4 nosql search_server_2013 from LucidWorks

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