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Webinar: Building Customer-Targeted Search

Lucidworks - Webinar

Customers ask questions, but often those questions are vague or incomplete. Simply showing male customers men’s shoes when they search for “shoes” is no longer enough. You now need to “know your customer” including who they are, where they are, what they’re interested in, what they looked at last time, and what similar customers looked at next. By providing a custom search experience to every user you can increase relevancy – and revenues.

NYC Apache Solr Meetup: Reflected Intelligence – Lucene/Solr as a self-learning data system

BlackRock - New York City

Join Lucidworks SVP of Engineering, Trey Grainger, for an evening to learn about evolving Lucene/Solr implementations into self-learning data systems which are able to accept user queries, deliver relevance-ranked results, and automatically learn from users’ subsequent interactions to continually deliver a more relevant experience for each keyword, category, and group of users.

Fusion Day NYC

The Standard, High Line - New York City

Join us for Fusion Day in New York City to see first-hand how Fusion can help you develop powerful search apps and cut months off your development cycle. Stick around after lunch for a hands-on Lucidworks Fusion training that will help you become a Fusion pro!

Southern Data Science Conference

Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina - Atlanta

Lucidworks SVP of Engineering Trey Grainger will be speaking about algorithms & information retrieval systems at the Southern Data Science Conference on April 7.

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