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Advanced Solr Development

Paris, France

This one-day class will allow you to explore the capabilities of Solr while learning the foundations of developing search applications. This course will introduce the fundamentals of search, data ingestion, and how to query Solr and Fusion efficiently. We’ll also explore what goes into a proper Solr schema, and advanced search relevance using advanced techniques such as Graph Queries and Signals.

Fusion Server Foundations

Paris, France

Come learn about how Fusion 4 can help maximize your data accessibility. Explore the latest capabilities of Fusion, Lucidworks’ flexible and user-friendly search application development platform. Fusion is built with an open core of Apache Solr and Spark and enhanced with additional features that accelerate the creation and deployment of modern search applications. You will learn the fundamental concepts of working with Fusion, including ingestion and indexing, query and syntax, and a review of multi-node topologies. By understanding the full extent of the platform’s distributed capabilities, you will be able to construct and optimize sophisticated search and data-driven applications.

Lucidworks Fusion AI

Paris, France

The Lucidworks Fusion AI training is the right choice for those interested in taking Fusion applications to the next level. This course explores how you can enrich your data through techniques such as automatic classification, document clustering, anomaly detection, and natural language processing, and make it available to your applications. You will also learn how to use techniques such as query intent detection, signals and recommendations, automatic synonym generation, and automatic mis-spelling corrections in order to deliver the most personalized, contextual information and insights using the enriched data.

Lucidworks Fusion Developer

Paris, France

Learn how to deliver powerful, intuitive search experiences at large internet scales. Expanding on topics introduced in the Foundations of Lucidworks Fusion class, this course will teach you how to calibrate your search apps for optimal relevance. Explore Fusion’s experimentation framework and the use of signals and telemetry to enhance user experiences and allow for in-depth usage analysis. You will also be introduced to Fusion SQL, which enables self-serve analytics at massive scale.

Activate, the Search and AI Conference

Lucidworks - Washington DC

The Activate Conference brings together the brightest minds from the Apache Solr open source search project with AI, data science, analytics, and UX experts from innovative organizations using search and AI to solve their hardest problems --connecting employees with information and insights in the digital workplace, and helping customers find what they are looking for in ecommerce.   The Activate 2019 Call for Submissions is open. If you have an interesting project to share related to search, AI, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, learning to rank, question answering, chatbots, virtual assistants, voice search, image search, data science, predictive analytics, text analytics, data visualization, or another innovative way to generate insight and help users find what they are looking for, submit a talk by May 8.

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