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NYC Apache Solr Meetup: SearchHub or How to Spend Your Summer Keeping it Real

1/17/17 - - New York City

Lucidworks CTO and Solr Committer Grant Ingersoll will walk through SearchHub, Lucidworks’ community powered site for Apache and other open source projects that indexes hundreds of different public data sources to showcase Fusion and Solr capabilities ranging from the simple (search, faceting) to the complex (Word2Vec, Recommenders, Random Forests). The talk will highlight key integration points between Spark and Solr and how they are leveraged to do search, recommendations, and machine learning on email and user feedback.
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MC+A Partner Webinar: Beyond the Google Search Appliance with Lucidworks Fusion

1/26/17 - MC+A - Webinar

When Google dropped their search appliance from the market, thousands of companies were left stranded and scrambling to find a replacement. Lucidworks Fusion provides essential functionality with advanced controls for better relevancy and signal processing for a richer search experience - all at a more affordable price point. Join Lucidworks partner MC+A along with Lucidworks Senior Sales Engineer William Tseng for a webinar to learn more about replacing Google Search Appliance with Lucidworks Fusion.
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NYC Apache Solr Meetup: Building a Vibrant Search Ecosystem at Bloomberg

2/16/17 - - New York City

Join Steven Bower and Ken LaPorte from Bloomberg's Search Infrastructure Team  to hear about the high performance, stable, and scalable search ecosystem they have built on Apache Solr to support a large, complex, and diverse set of search applications at Bloomberg.


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