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NYC Lucene/Solr Meetup: It’s a Balloon! A Blimp! No, a Dirigible! Apache Zeppelin: Query Solr via Spark

5/10/16 - - New York City

Join OpenSource Connections' Eric Pugh for a session to cover using Spark to interact with Solr, how to use Solr as a Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD), and use cases for doing so. Eric will also introduce Apache Zeppelin, which aims to be the "interactive data analytics notebook" of the Big Data world.

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NYC Lucene/Solr Meetup: Building Data Pipelines for Solr with Apache NiFi

4/21/16 - - New York City

Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data. It supports highly configurable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic. Some of NiFi's key features include a web-based user interface for monitoring and controlling data flows, guaranteed delivery, data provenance, and easy extensibility through custom processor development, making it a perfect candidate for building production quality data pipelines that interact with Apache Solr. This talk will demonstrate how to use a NiFi processor that delivers data to a Solr update handler, as well as a processor for extracting data from Solr on regular intervals for delivery to down-stream systems.
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NYC Lucene/Solr Meetup: Solr 6 Feature Preview

3/9/16 - - New York City

Solr development is still going full steam ahead. This talk will cover selected recent developments and new features coming in Solr 6, including parallel SQL, streaming expressions, joins, and advances in real-time analytics.
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NYC Lucene/Solr Meetup: Building a Real-time News Search Engine

2/10/16 - - New York City

Bloomberg is a technology company specializing and leading in providing data solutions to people in the financial industry. Of particular significance amongst functionalities Bloomberg offers is a real-time news search and alerting system which offers its customers information in a timely manner. While providing a real-time search engine with low latency and even lower index to search latency is a challenge in itself, what makes Bloomberg's offering unique is real-time alerting on any arbitrarily complex boolean query supported by the search engine. In this talk, Ramkumar Aiyengar of the News Search backend team will dive into the alerting backend his team maintains and the story of how they rewrote this entire alerting infrastructure using and enhancing Lucene and Luwak, a library for managing stored queries.
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