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Content Analytics Discovery and Cognitive Software Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2016-2026

“Content Analytics comprises of range of search and reporting technologies which can provide identical levels of business intelligence and strategic value for unstructured data. Content analytics for unstructured information includes social media monitoring, reputation monitoring, and sentiment analysis. Content analytics softwares uses natural language queries, trends analysis, predictive analytics and contextual discovery to reveal trends … Continued

Business Weekly: Cambridge Tech Startup Bought by US Search Company

“Cambridge software startup Twigkit has been bought by San Francisco search business Lucidworks to further bolster US ownership of the UK technology cluster’s IP innovators. No figures for the deal have been disclosed. “Anchored locally in CB1 and with offices in London and California, Twigkit was founded in 2009 by London School of Economics graduate … Continued

KMWorld: Lucidworks Acquires Twigkit to Improve Enterprise Search

Lucidworks is acquiring Twigkit, a software company specializing in UX for enterprise-grade search and big data applications.

Marketwired: Lucidworks Acquires Twigkit to Deliver Superior Enterprise Search Experiences

Lucidworks gains Twigkit's purpose-built UI to bridge the gap between data accessibility and application

InfoWorld’s 2017 Technology of the Year Award winners

“Apache Solr is something of a hidden gem in the big data ecosystem, but has developed a reputation for being difficult to set up and operate. Enter Lucidworks Fusion. Fusion not only makes administering your Solr clusters a breeze, but includes connectors to a vast myriad of data sources. Throw in out-of-the-box connectivity with Apache … Continued

SD Times: Lucidworks updates Fusion Platform

“Software teams can now build enterprise search apps faster with Lucidworks’ release of Fusion 3, the company’s updated application development platform, which aims to accelerate a search application’s time-to-value.” “Fusion 3 allows organizations to access user interface and query simulation capabilities, and teams can use the updated solution to build enterprise-level search applications, according to … Continued

Datanami: Lucidworks Updates Search App Dev Platform

“San Francsico-based Lucidworks said Wednesday (Jan. 25) its Fusion 3 platform adds features such as query simulation capabilities and an improved user interface. The intent is to allow users to scale the app development platform to millions of searches.” “The upgrade responds to growing demands inside companies for Google-like search capabilities by providing application developers … Continued

KMWorld: Lucidworks Launches Fusion 3

“Lucidworks, a provider of enterprise search solutions, has announced Fusion 3, the latest release of its application development platform for building and deploying intelligent search applications.” “According to Lucidworks, Fusion 3 provides out-of-the-box capabilities for teams seeking to build enterprise-level search applications. With greater operational simplicity, IT personnel can shorten the development cycle, while a … Continued

IBM Watson harnessed for data discovery

From Image & Data Manager magazine: “Lucidworks is tapping into the IBM Watson Developer Cloud platform for its Fusion platform, an application framework that helps developers to create enterprise discovery applications so companies can understand their data and take action on insights. Today’s knowledge workers face an avalanche of data and documents. Lucidworks’ Fusion is … Continued

Lucidworks Integrates IBM Watson into its Enterprise Discovery Platform

From KM World: “Enterprise search software provider Lucidworks is leveraging the IBM Watson Developer Cloud platform in its Fusion platform, an application framework that helps developers to create enterprise discovery applications. Lucidworks’ Fusion is used for creating apps that can help organizations access their information to make better, data-driven decisions. By integrating Watson, Lucidworks says … Continued

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