Customer Analytics

Navigate uncertainty by finding and applying insights
from all your data for a better customer experience.

Organizations all over the world use Lucidworks every day including:

Context at Every Altitude

Automatically extract and correlate data points from the bird’s-eye-view down to the atomic, record-per-record level - and every resolution in between. Discover brand new views of information and data that only exists with powerful predictive insights.

Down to the Details

With thousands of interactions per customer, your success depends on making sense out of complex data correlations at scale and in real-time - and fast. Connect to data behind any source, any system, across every silo and match CRM records with marketing activity with support tickets with purchase history with chat transcripts with social media posts to get a 360 view for every customer and for every interaction.

Real-Time Data Streams

Real-time access means every view is the latest and greatest. Build solutions that can handle billions of records per day so when a user runs a query, the results include everything up to right now with sub-second response and hundreds of times faster than Hive or Hadoop. And with full SQL compatibility, your team can query the index with familiar commands and clients you already know.

Workflows Keep You in the Flow

Workflows fit right into your existing business processes
and habits with bookmarking, sharing, notes, and other common activities. Accounts or customers can be routed
and annotated to ensure that staff are aware of all interactions made with the customer.

On-prem, cloud,
hybrid, everywhere.

And like all our solutions, our customer analytics applications can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or on hybrid architectures so you choose the deployment model that best fits your security and operational requirements.

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