Crucial customer insights.

Resolve issues quickly with immediate access to answers 
plus a 360 view of each customer - from support tickets to site logs.

Search Across Silos

Fusion can connect to data behind any source, matching CRM records with marketing activity, support tickets with purchase history, and so everybody – sales, marketing, support – has a full 360 view of every customer.

One Query for Everything

Fusion supports a number of the most popular online services and cloud platforms today.

Superior Real-Time 
Data Integrity

Fusion provides real-time access to your applications including transaction logs handling billions of records per day so when a user runs a query, the results include everything up to right now.

Allstate found that analysts and customer services reps were spending too much time looking through various network drives, databases, and data warehouses when researching claims and talking to customers. With Fusion, the team created an app that indexes, ingests, and enriches all these different data sources and then automatically creates a 360-view of every customer. This gives analysts and reps one point of access so they spend less time hunting for the right document or record, and more time serving the customer with excellent service.

What can Fusion do for you?

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