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Activate 2021 (On-Demand)

Activate Product Discovery

Learn how global leaders and iconic brands deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Check out expert-led sessions from Activate, the search and AI conference hosted by Lucidworks on October 14, 2021. Learn how search and AI helps understand people’s needs, preferences, and intent across channels, then personalizes every digital moment for your customers or employees.

Conference highlights across key challenges and solutions in search:

Search Relevance Highlights

  • Learn What Your B2B Customers Want, an Interview with CDW – Ann Vargo, CDW & Peter Curran, Lucidworks
  • From Content Chaos to Cognitive Clarity – Ronny Timmermans, Xenit Solutions
  • The Power of Semantic Vector Search – Sava Kalbachou, Lucidworks


Customer Service Highlights

  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Connected Experiences – Kate Leggett, Forrester
  • Tech Humanism: Shaping the Future of Connected Human Experiences – Kate O’Neill, Author “Tech Humanist”
  • Seamless Customer Service Experiences – Lesley Heizman, Lucidworks


Commerce Highlights

  • Connecting Shoppers with Relevant Products with Crate & Barrel – Aaron Veit, Crate and Barrel & Peter Curran, Lucidworks
  • 6 UX Lessons from Testing Ecommerce Search Experiences – Kathryn Totz, Baymard Institute
  • Debate! Human vs. Machine in Ecommerce – Peter Curran, Lucidworks & Sanjay Mehta, Lucidworks

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