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AI-Powered Solutions Are Key to Customer Centricity

Make chatbots & virtual assistants more human

Customer contact leaders are surrounded by urgency every day. Every support ticket is a “mini-crisis” for the user who makes the call.

And scaling is a challenge with remote teams and higher digital demand on the rise. AI can help. But it may seem artificial intelligence reduces the human component that’s crucial to customer contact. Instead, what if it could enhance it?

We recently contributed on this topic in CCW’s market research report on Modernizing Service Experience with AI & Digital. Our write-up in this report covers how AI creates more human-centered experiences for the contact center. A savvy approach to artificial intelligence is the key to simultaneously achieving business continuity and customer-centricity.

Read our write-up in CCW’s research report to learn how you can:

  • Understand and act on customer intent
  • Adapt to new customer needs, demands, and behaviors
  • Empower the modern contact center workforce

After you read the research, contact us to discover how Smart Answers on Lucidworks Fusion offers scalable AI out of the box, flexible integration and support for multiple languages to enhance your chatbots and virtual assistants.

2020 CCW MARKET STUDY | Modernizing Service Experiences with AI & Digital

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