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Create an Amazon-Like Experience with Lucidworks Fusion

Create an Amazon-Like Fusion experience

Learn how to build an Amazon-like shopping experience on your site

The massive global success of Amazon can be tied to how the company employs search. Every part of is a big search UI powered by a powerful, scalable back end with several key features. You too can have these capabilities using Lucidworks Fusion and its digital commerce products. This ebook walks you through every part of building a better ecommerce site starting with the search bar and ending with what goes on behind the scenes in the UI.

What you will learn

  • How to replicate Amazon’s search and shopping experience with pre-built AI and machine learning functionalities in Lucidworks Fusion
  • How implementing advanced personalization features can improve conversions
    and retain customers
  • Key tips on how to improve personalization using recommendations, item boosting,
    and user intent data

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