Ebooks: Case Studies

Search Is the Universal Language of Lenovo Customers

With diverse products and customers, personalization is the key to making—and keeping—a connection.

New Pig Customers Clean Up With Good Search

A tricky dictionary can’t stop New Pig from absorbing their customers leaks, drips, and spills.

Patient Treatment Improves With AllMedx and Fusion

How AllMedx used Fusion to give doctors the most relevant research at their fingertips.

Enforme Empowers Professional Associations With Engaging Search

How the team at Enforme replaced Google Search Appliance with a better, faster app – in just two months.

The Search for Better Search at Reddit

How Reddit built their new faster, scalable search for 300M users with Fusion.

How the U.S. Census Bureau Uses Fusion to Bring People and Data Together

How the U.S. Census Bureau uses Fusion to bring people and data together.