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Case Study: Activewear Customers Reenergized by Better Search

How a top apparel brand used Lucidworks Fusion to deliver an exceptional online experience and boost ATC by nearly 30%

The brand had a vision of translating its first-class in-store experience to its website. But with Endeca powering its site search, the amount of human intervention and manual rules required was simply not scalable for this transformation.

Read the case study to see how the brand flexed Fusion’s muscles to achieve its vision. You’ll learn:
  • How the brand used signals to personalize the search and browse experience while reducing the number of search rules
  • How their merchandisers were empowered to curate a top-notch shopping experience without relying on IT
  • How the brand delivered exceptional experiences, leading to nearly 30% increase in click-to-cart rate during Black Friday

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