Veritas’ New Self-Service Portal Sees Happier Customers, Reduced Expenses

When enterprise data management firm Veritas set out to revamp its support site, it had one principal goal, “allow customers to succeed.” Research showed customers preferred to solve issues on their own rather than being forced to speak to a call center representative, but siloed search systems and content spanning 20 years of evolving operations kept Veritas customers disconnected from solutions.

A dot-com darling in the 1990s and early 2000s, Veritas had been acquired by Symantec Corp in 2004 before deciding to de-merge and go private in 2016. The new freedom meant they could put forth “a startup, win-in-the-marketplace, customer-first culture,” outgoing CEO Gary Coleman told theCUBE.

The multi-year strategy to put customers first called for the following:

  • Use the web to decrease customer effort and improve collaboration with support team
  • Reduce the amount of support engineers’ effort required when supporting customers
  • Provide access by mobile
  • Make support a differentiator by building a best-in-class online experience, measured by winning industry awards

One of the first initiatives taken was to overhaul the online experience. Read on.

Watch the video.

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