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Introducing Lucidworks Springboard

Learn about Lucidworks Springboard, our new SaaS search platform that powers applications to capture and manage user insights so you can maximize every digital moment.

Get started with Connected Search, our first publicly available application on Lucidworks Springboard. Connected Search gives any website the best site search in a fast, easy-to-use platform that anyone can manage. Get a free trial and gain access to powerful search!

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The Future of Search is Connected

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  • Increase relevancy of self-service portal
  • Improve chatbot intelligence fallback search
  • Expedite resolution times with self-service and improve agent effectiveness

Coming Soon

  • Achieve higher AOV and cart conversions by making the most of user signals
  • Create dynamic site experiences that drive brand loyalty
  • Scale AI-powered product recommendations

Coming Soon

  • Increase findability and unlock wisdom in your workforce
  • Surface assets that align to each employee’s goals and line of work
  • Easily boost, block, bury, or pin results for specific search terms

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