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Stop trying to solve tomorrow's problems with yesterday's technology.

The right information to the right person at the right time means happier users and better business results.

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Companies who have made the switch to fusion.

All your data. Increased control.

You know what’s cool about data silos? Nothing.

Fusion ships with 50 enterprise connectors, giving end users access to all of an organization’s data and documents including SharePoint, MS Office, databases, Salesforce, Google Drive,, and many more.


Man + Machine working together for your benefit.

Fusion uses a combination of admin-driven rules and artificial intelligence to give users the most relevant results every single time. Singularity never sounded so good.

World’s 3rd Largest Bank

38 million searches annually.
0.0% return zero results.


200% increase in search result relevancy.

Travel Site (Mobile Search)

70% increase in site engagement and 33% increase in booking conversions.

Lourduraju Pamishetty

Senior IT Application Architect, Infoblox

“With Fusion’s out-of-the-box capabilities, we skipped months in our dev cycle so we could focus our team where they would have the most impact. We cut our licensing costs by 50% and improved application usability. The Lucidworks professional services team amplified our success even further. We’re all Fusion from here on out!’

GSA vs Lucidworks Fusion Feature Comparison

Google Search Appliance
Metadata Sorting
Wildcard Search
Entity Extraction
Spellcheck and Synonyms
Signal-Based Relevancy
Manual Curation
Expert Identification
Authentication Support
Unlimited Documents
Relevancy Tuning
Log Analytics
Connector Adapter
Advance Security Trimming
Data Stream Processing
Big Data Integration

Built for the Enterprise

ETL and Query Pipelines

Manage all your data transformations - both on the index side and the query side - from one friendly admin interface.


Aggregate user behavior with Apache Spark to custom search results for each individual user based on past actions or actions of similar users.

Natural Language Processing

Parse and process plain English queries so users can type in queries without having to learn complex operators or functions.

Machine Learning

Return the most contextually-relevant results based on users signals, and discover hidden insights in your data with topic modeling and deep learning to leverage the full power of machine learning in Fusion and Spark.


Manage and schedule regular updates from data sources so the index always has the freshest set of data.

Alerting and Messaging

Setup alerts for events like the presence of a specific text in a stream of documents being indexing, or while processing query pipelines.


Complete security from cluster to collection to document with integration with popular security protocols like Kerberos, LDAP/Active Directory, OAuth, and more.


Connect to a myriad of popular data sources or use our connector framework to connect and ingest unique or proprietary data sources.


Fusion’s streamlined interface for first-time developers gets you from dataset to working app accepting queries in a matter of minutes.

Andrew Hecox

Manager, Software Engineering

“Fusion provided the UI, security, and support we needed to make the switch. Based on the success of this project, we’re moving all of our search applications to Fusion.’

What can Fusion do for you?

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