Fusion is your Google Search Appliance alternative.

Fusion gives you everything you need for happier users, actionable results, and better business.

Lower TCO and Higher Performance

Fusion is priced to scale to billions of documents while containing costs, reducing your overall hardware footprint, and conserving headcount.

Transparent Relevancy for Better Results

Fusion puts relevancy in the control of the application owner with a rich UI for the tuning of results and business rules.

Signal Processing for a Superior Experience

Fusion's signal processing continually improves relevancy by integrating feedback from user behavior, subject matter experts, and other sources.

Enterprise software giant Red Hat had outgrown Google Search Appliance as the search function for their customer portal and the user experience was middling. The team moved to Lucidworks Fusion, reducing their hardware footprint to just a four-node cluster that indexes over 13 million documents, serves thousands of internal users, and over a million web visitors per month. Average click-through rate on the portal increased from 24% to 58% and licensing costs were reduced by 91%.

GSA Migration Plan and Pricing

Lucidworks Fusion is your drop-in replacement for Google Search Appliance. 
Get started immediately deploying a superior search experience across your organization.

Nodes 2 Production Nodes Up to 2 Dev/Test Nodes
Index size Up to 5 million documents*
Query volume 20 q/sec
Data sources Up to 3
Setup Production Setup and Operational Training
Migration services Including turnkey Fusion cluster setup, data review and analysis, indexing and configuration, query design and relevancy, security integration and UI customization.
TCO Move to Fusion and save over 60% with more capabilities and no document limit
*Have more data sources? More documents to index? Not sure which package is right for you? Contact us today to talk to a GSA Migration Specialist to learn more at 415-329-6515.

7 Reasons to Switch to Lucidworks Fusion

Google Search Appliance was a nice temporary solution for your enterprise search needs. But your requirements and the expectations of your users have grown exponentially. Fusion has everything your team needs to create next-generation search apps that serve every user in every department at every level of your organization.

Andrew Hecox

Manager, Software Engineering

"Our recommendation engine was originally built on Lucene. Lucidworks Fusion provided the UI, security, and support we needed to make the move to Solr while minimizing our dependency on IT resources. With our initial success using Solr and Lucidworks, we’re moving all of our search applications to Fusion."

What can Fusion do for you?

Ready for enterprise search without the enterprise headache? Download Fusion and start building your first search app in minutes - or contact us today to learn more.