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This demo is for financial services audiences, particularly in asset management, investment analysis, and financial advisory services. Depending on the persona logged in, it’s a news / company / client research portal with personalized views informed by portfolios or clients that are pertinent to the user.

Lucidworks’ Fusion empowers investment professionals and advisors to quickly adapt to changing market conditions in order to make optimal investment decisions and best serve their clients. Doing so requires a bespoke application that breaks down data silos so that news, publicly available market historical data, and first party client and portfolio data combine to surface personalized, contextual insights to finance professionals.

The demo can be used with the standard admin/<password> pair available on the labs instance detail page OR by using one of the following personas:

Portfolio Manager: chloe/searchr0cks & lawson/searchr0cks

Analyst: geoffrey/searchr0cks & carla/searchr0cks

Advisor: robert/searchr0cks & cynthia/searchr0cks

To start this instance with your Github account, click on the Launch Now button to the right.The video below covers using the running application to demonstrate how Fusion provides a wide variety of finance related search features.


Learn more about Fusion on the Lucidworks site or browse the documentation!