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Search Hub is an application built on top of Lucidworks Fusion, designed to showcase Fusion’s search, machine learning, and analytical capability, as well as act as a community service for a large number of Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects.  A production version of this software hosted by Lucidworks is available at http://shub.lucidworkscopy.wpengine.com.

Search Hub contains all you need to download and run your own community search site. It comes with pre-built definitions to crawl a large number of ASF projects, including mailing lists, websites, wikis, JIRA projects, and Github repositories. These pre-built definitions may serve as templates for additional projects. The project also comes in with a built-in client, based on Lucidworks View.

This application uses Snowplow for tracking on the website. In particular, it tracks:

  • Page visits
  • Time on page (via page pings)
  • Location
  • Clicks on documents and facets
  • Searches

Search Hub is open source under the Apache License.

For complete information about running Search Hub, see the README.

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