Springboard Service Level Agreement

1. Overview

This Service Level Agreement (the “SLA) is effective upon Customer’s execution of an Order Form for the applicable Product, for the period of the Product Subscription term, and specific to the geographic region in which the Product is deployed. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

2. Definitions

  • Data Sources are complete configurations of a particular type of data ingest. Some examples of types of data sources include web data, catalog data, or customer support platform data.
  • Applications are named sets of linked objects, created and configured within the Product; Springboard customers will generally create different Applications for different purposes. Each Application is associated with one or more Data Sources, which provide a search-optimized, queryable indexed data set.
  • Uptime refers to the percentage of time that a particular component of the Product is Available (defined below), as measured on a monthly basis.
  • Response time is the length of time in milliseconds it takes for the Product to process and respond to a valid, authenticated Request, measured as the time the Request is received subtracted from the time a response is returned.
  • Availability is calculated as ((A-B)/A)*100, where
    • A is the number of minutes in a calendar month
    • B is the number of minutes in the relevant calendar month that the relevant aspect of the Product is Not Available
  • “Not Available” means that, for the specified functionality of the Product, (1) a valid, authenticated Request that meets the specifications of the relevant API, fails to return a response code indicating successful execution; (2) which failure is caused by Lucidworks’ personnel, equipment, software, or services; and (3) is not due to Excused Downtime or a Force Majeure event.
  • “Excused Downtime” means time the specified functionality of the Product is Not Available due to (1) scheduled or emergency maintenance; (2) failure of third-party services or infrastructure (e.g. network components, hardware, software, or ISP/network access); or (3) a Force Majeure Event.

3. Product SLAs

  • Availability:Lucidworks commits to 99.9% availability of the Product’s Query APIs, as documented at the following URL: https://doc.lucidworks.com/springboard/connected-search/qqgvik/query-api
  • Request Response time:For valid, authenticated Requests that are sent at or below 2x the contracted average Requests-per-second rate, as measured over any given 5-minute window, for a given Product Subscription, Lucidworks commits to a 95th percentile response time of 500ms or less. The contracted average Requests-per-second rate is calculated as the total number of Requests per License Metric in the applicable Subscription year divided by the number of seconds in a year.

4. Service Credits

For any full calendar month in which Lucidworks fails to meet one or more of the above-specified Product SLAs, a Customer who had a successfully-configured Application deployed in the impacted geographic region(s) shall be entitled to a monetary credit for use toward future service fees (“Service Credit”). These Service Credits are calculated as (W * X * Y) / Z, where:

  • W is 1/12 of the annual contracted price for the affected Product Subscription
  • X is the number of minutes the Product was Not Available in the applicable month
  • Y is a customer satisfaction multiplier, defined as follows:
    • For Standard Availability Applications, Y = 10
  • Z is the total number of minutes in the applicable month

To obtain a Service Credit, Customer must notify Lucidworks of the failure in writing, as set forth in Section 10.4 of the Agreement, with the heading “Service Credit Request” prominently written at the top of the notice, within thirty (30) days after the end of the applicable month. Upon verification that a Service Credit is owed to the Customer for the month in question, Lucidworks will issue the Service Credit. If the Service Credit is reasonably disputed by Lucidworks, Customer and Lucidworks will work together in good faith to resolve such dispute in a timely manner. Service Credits have no cash value. In the event Customer pursues additional damages against Lucidworks under this Agreement, Service Credit amounts issued by Lucidworks to Customer will be applied toward any limit of liability for those damages. Customer may agree in writing to waive or reduce any Service Credits which would otherwise be due for a particular month. The Service Credits specified in this Section are Lucidworks’ sole liability, and Customer’s exclusive remedy, for any failure by Lucidworks to meet the Product SLAs.

5. Exceptions

The Product SLAs shall only apply to the extent that Customer has not exceeded the License Metrics described in the applicable Order Form, and is not past due on its payment of Fees.

Last updated 09/07/2022