Increase customer engagement.

Media companies can strengthen customer engagement with next-generation content exploration and discovery.

Some users know exactly what they want and expect to find it and have it streaming on their laptop, tablet, or mobile device instantly. Others have only a general idea of what they're looking for and browse within certain criteria – Stanley Kubrick movies, or Cuban music - before making their final choices. And still others arrive with no agenda in mind and freeform browse until something new or interesting catches their eye.

Our solutions support all of these behavior models and can help maximize retention, get the most value from your content, and grow your audience.

Search and Browse

Search-enabled media applications seamlessly bring searching and browsing together, for an incredible user experience that allows visitors to drive discovery themselves, and explore without ever encountering a dead end or empty results page.

For visitors with a clear destination in mind we offer instant, as-you-type suggestions that let them to jump directly to a specific page. For those browsing, interactive sliders and charts offer a rich, tactile way to discover new content.

Dynamic navigation instantly provides relevant, contextual areas for further exploration, offering visitors choices about how they dig into the content that you provide.

Topic Pages

SEO-optimized dynamic topic pages (eg. “/directors/stanleykubrick/”) use search to bring together everything available about a certain topic (Stanley Kubrick, Cuban Music), and present it in a curated, editorial manner: combining external links, promoted content, statistics, biography, galleries, videos - all together in one place, and dynamically maintained.

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