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Increase revenue per visit.

The world’s largest retailers use Fusion to increase search-driven revenue. So should you.

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As ecommerce continues to explode, every brand must deliver a compelling, bespoke experience to every shopper. Lucidworks Fusion gives you everything you need to deliver a precise path from query to click to cart 
to conversion. Here are some of the companies that have made the switch to Fusion:

Jacob Wagner, Director of IT - Content

Bluestem Brands

“We saw a 50-60% increase in conversions 
just from turning on Fusion”

Machine Learning =
Happy Shoppers

Fusion uses a signals-based approach to search relevancy which improves the shopping experience and increases search-driven revenue.

Product recommendations increase order size.

Give your customers the Amazon-like experience they want. Give your company the extra revenue they need.

Precise, Personalized 

Legacy retail search solutions can’t leverage the vast amount of analytics and user data you have to increase conversions and enhance search. Fusion’s signal processing captures user behavior to give every shopper a tailored visit to your site and includes recommendations for individual users, similar users, and related cohorts.

Complete Omnichannel 

When you’re stuck with old systems you never know when there will be a new release - and when you’ll see new features. Fusion makes it easy to implement advanced features like auto-suggest, spell-check, geospatial parameters, device specific results, and efficient synonym management. Landing pages, rules, and other business logic give you full control of the retail journey.

Capture Buyer 

Older retail solutions don’t learn from shopper behavior and interactions. Fusion incorporates buying history and other signals to show buyers the right product at the right time. Queries, clicks, and cart behavior are incorporated into a continuous feedback loop for more relevant, refined results and increased customer loyalty.

Fusion improves your bottom line.

Multi-Billion Dollar Hardware Retailer

Fusion increases search-driven revenue by $6.5M in the first year.

Travel Site Mobile Search

70% increase in site engagement and 
33% increase in booking conversions.

Built for Retail

Simplified Rules Management

Streamlined management of business rules, boosts, and blocks from one simple interface.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence modeling for classification, synonyms, related terms and query enhancement.

Relevancy Tuning

Point-and-click control over relevancy with simulated preview of how search results will be scored before committing them to production.


Aggregate user behavior like queries, add-to-cart, and purchase activity to give every user a customized search experience that is continuously fine-tuned with the actions and queries of similar users.

Landing Pages

Create dedicated landing pages and custom promotions per product keyword, category, or brand that can be managed by brand managers or business owners.

Search Reports and Analytics

Analytics and reports to track popular queries, zero-results queries, and other crucial metrics to increase conversions.

Stuck With Endeca?

Licensing Costs

A 3 year Fusion license often costs less than a single year of Endeca support. Most customers can license, build, and deploy search with Lucidworks Fusion for less than they pay for a single year of Endeca support.

Optimize with 
Machine Learning

Fusion's machine learning capabilities provide personalized category pages and product rankings, improving the shopping experience and increasing search-driven revenue.

Scale with 

Lucidworks Fusion thrives on the challenges that large, complex ecommerce environments bring. 
With, Fusion you'll never worry about scaling again.

What can Fusion do for you?

Ready for enterprise search without the enterprise headache? Download Fusion and start building your first search app in minutes - or contact us today to learn more.

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