Switch from Oracle Endeca to Lucidworks Fusion.

Lucidworks Fusion has everything you need to launch and scale 
a responsive, relevant, custom search experience to every customer.

Slash Licensing Costs

After purchasing an Oracle Endeca license customers are typically expected to pay ever increasing annual support costs. A three year Lucidworks Fusion license often costs less than a single year of Oracle Endeca support. Most customers can license, build, and deploy search with Lucidworks Fusion for less than they pay for a single year of Endeca support. Pay less - and get more.

Optimize with Machine Learning

The industry has moved on. A small army of merchandisers using an experience management tool is no longer the way forwards. Fusion's machine learning capabilities provide personalized category pages and product rankings, improving the shopping experience and increasing search-driven revenue. Get the most value from all your customer data with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Scale With Confidence

Lucidworks Fusion uses Apache Solr at its core and takes full advantage of its renowned scalability, ensuring ecommerce solutions meet the demands of the worlds largest sites. Further, our machine learning functions scale as well. Unlike some products that struggle to scale when delivering personalized results, Lucidworks Fusion thrives on the challenges that large, complex ecommerce environments bring. With, Fusion you'll never worry about scaling again.

What can Fusion do for you?

Ready for enterprise search without the enterprise headache? Download Fusion and start building your first search app in minutes - or contact us today to learn more.

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