Fusion and life sciences.

Accelerate R&D and increase ROI across the product lifecycle.

Faster Trial Lifecycles

Puts your organization’s wealth of data at your fingertips so teams can access the crucial information they need for decision making faster than ever.

Increase recruitment for trials with comprehensive search and reporting.

Machine learning for pattern recognition to find relationships and correlations in diverse datasets.

Measure participation and regimen adherence during trials with sophisticated reporting and custom dashboards.

Eliminate workflow bottlenecks with notifications and alerts as systems or product development cycles slow down or encounter obstacles.

Manage clinical data faster and easier with enriched context that adds metadata and meaning to every search result.

Deeper, Scalable Search

Organizations have data and documents spread across several networks and cloud services.

Comprehensive search across silos, business units, clinics, and laboratories.

Scales to index millions of documents in any data format including real-time streams and frequently updated data sets.

Index and ingest complex nested documents including CDISC, HL7, and other data standards.

Use advanced techniques like natural language search, key/value search, and statistical operations to query all your data sources.

Relevant Results, Faster Answers

Bad metadata and clunky enrichment can make large data sets unwieldy and useless.

Faceted search and index pipelines provide data enrichment, producing enhanced findability.

Synonyms and named entity recognition connected related documents and data points.

Simple integration with analysis tools through standard interfaces.

Researchers can quickly find information they need so clinical trials and product development stays on schedule and on budget.

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