In case you missed the webinar on August 13, you can download the slides or view the recorded presentation! Here’s what we covered:

Find what you’re looking for? Lucidworks for Solr lets you quickly build faster, smarter open source search applications.

  • Open source search with Solr/Lucene gives you the power to turn a wide range of information into fast, useful, relevant results!
  • Lucidworks for Solr gives you a tested, release-stable certified distribution of open source search with enhanced tools and installation for building search apps quickly and reliably.

Grant Ingersoll, co-founder of Lucid Imagination and chair of the Apache Lucene PMC, will present and demo of Lucidworks for Solr:

  • Getting started faster with Lucidworks for Solr
  • Getting better, faster results using Solr’s findability and relevance improvement tools
  • Monitor performance and gain insignt on trends with the LucidGaze for Solr performance profiler
  • Getting search running faster with the LucidGaze for Solr performance profiler