Activate, the Search and AI conference hosted by Lucidworks, will take place virtually on Thursday, October 14th, 2021. We’re extremely excited to share that the call for submissions is now open, and we look forward to reviewing the amazing ideas that come forward!

For the unfamiliar, each year Activate gathers experts and innovators in the areas of search, AI, data science, customer service, product discovery, knowledge management, digital transformation, and more to share their latest projects and ideas in delivering personalized experiences. If you have an innovation, project, or unique perspective that you are burning to share with the world that falls within our range of topics, we want to hear from you! Please submit your talk by August 20th.


For more details about speaker tracks, topic suggestions, and general areas of focus, please read the following:

Activate 2021 Key Themes and Topics


Suggested Topics

Search Relevance Personalization, relevance tuning, signals, recommendations, query optimization, learning to rank, avoiding “zero results” queries, user segmentation modeling, automated query rewriting, and A/B testing
AI, ML, & Data Science

Deploying machine learning models in search, natural language processing (NLP), semantic search, deep learning in search, recommendation systems, user segmentation modeling, sentiment analysis, document visualization, and predictive analytics

Next-Gen User Interfaces Chatbots, virtual assistants, voice assistants, conversational AI, image recognition, and visual search
Lucidworks Fusion Case studies showcasing how your organization uses Fusion to deliver enhanced search experiences for customers and employees or technical talks about how to get the most out of Fusion
Product Discovery Product discovery case studies, product recommendations, personalization, customer experience (CX), merchandising, add-to-cart and conversion rate optimization
Customer Service

Customer service case studies, customer self-service, searchable knowledge base, agent effectiveness, call deflection, ROI measurement, customer insight

Knowledge Management

Digital transformation case studies, data accessibility, digital experience for knowledge workers, modernizing IT systems, document summarization, employee self-service, help desk ticket deflection, and ROI measurement


Activate will feature high quality content and networking opportunities. In addition to attending virtual talks, attendees will have a chance to interact with speakers and peers in breakout Q&A sessions, participate in a virtual networking lounge, and chat with sponsors on the latest solutions & technologies.

Activate 2020 was an incredible success, and 2021 will deliver an even more impactful virtual experience. Make sure you get in on the action by submitting your talk before August 20th, 2021.


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