Every industry has experienced a major shift in customer expectations and digital strategy. Businesses that rely on in-person interactions rushed to bring that same high-quality brand experience online, and digital-first brands sped up timelines for digital transformation while bracing for uncertainty.

What have we learned in the time since? In an increasingly contactless world, the digital experience needs to shine. In this round-up, our team outlines the various digital strategy lessons learned during the pandemic that brands can still use today and long after the pandemic has passed. Because the only thing that’s certain is that the future is not.

The COVID-19 Question: Can Digital Experiences Replace Real-Life Experiences?

  • From the beginning, this has been the challenging question that so many brands (and customers) have had to ask themselves. Justin Sears, Lucidworks VP of Product Marketing, lays out five ways for brands to build trust, improve transparency, and increase retention online.

Does COVID-19 Have Silver Linings for Online Brands?

  • Brands that operate exclusively online haven’t suffered the same blows as shuttered brick and mortars. Peter Curran, Lucidworks General Manager of Digital Commerce, shares the ways that digital brands can find the silver lining in this moment to provide that personalized touc, and double down on new ways to engage customers.

When In-Person Shopping Isn’t an Option, Actionable Ecommerce Metrics Are a Requirement

  • Brands learn a lot from their in-store shoppers, but we know that brands can learn just as much from their online customers. A powerful digital experience can act as a bridge for brands to understand consumers. Garrett Schwegler, Lucidworks Program Manager of Digital Commerce, explains how Predictive Merchandiser puts actionable analytics in the hands of merchandisers to get the most out of every digital interaction.

Digital Commerce Creates Connections Without Contact

  • Given the challenges of the past year and subsequent acceleration of digital innovation, brands need to think about how commerce will be permanently changed moving forward. Our team at Lucidworks gives their take on what brands can do to stay connected and engaged with their customers around the world during and after the pandemic.

“Returning to normal” is already looking different across every industry. As the landscape continues to shift, there will inevitably be more hurdles for brands to consider. In times of uncertainty, the digital experience can act as a rallying point for both brand and customer. Brands that are willing to invest in and continually revisit their digital experience will be best equipped to serve the needs of their customers, regardless of what the future holds.

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