Stuffed with stuff and tired of turkey… or maybe just tired of your family?

We’re here to help! Everyone’s in the living room watching football or jumping in a car to go see a movie or on their phones making Black Friday battle plans… that gives you some alone time to pick a series to binge watch.

Of course we’re going to suggest Lucid Thoughts! We’ve got two seasons — an even dozen episodes — for your viewing pleasure.

So go grab a slice of pumpkin pie (cool whip, please),  pop in your headphones, and let’s get the show on the road:

Season One

In our first season of Lucid Thoughts, we started off with the basics like:

Now go get another slice of pie (it’s Thanksgiving!) a la mode.

Season Two

Ready for more?  The second season of Lucid Thoughts goes even deeper into these topics and technologies:

And have a great Thanksgiving y’alls!

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