If you’re a search application developer or architect, if you’ve got big data on your hands or on the brain, or if you’ve got big plans for Apache Lucene/Solr, this announcement is for you.

lucidworks_onlyToday marks the 2.0 release of Lucidworks, the search platform that accelerates and simplifies development of highly accurate, scalable, and cost-effective search applications. We’ve bottled the best of Apache Lucene/Solr, including key innovations from the 4.x branch, in a commercial-grade package that’s designed for the rigors of production search application deployment.

Killer search applications are popping up everywhere, and it’s no surprise. On the one hand, big data technologies disrupting old barriers of speed, structure, cost and addressability of data storage; on the other, the new frontier of query-driven analytics is shifting from old-school reporting to instant, unlimited reach into mixed data structures, driven by users. (There are places these converge: 7 years of data in Facebook combine content with user context, creating a whole new way to look at life as we know it on line.)

Or, to put it a little less breathlessly: Search is now the UI for Big Data.  Lucidworks 2.0 is the only distribution of Apache Solr/Lucene that lets you:

  • Build killer business-critical search apps more quickly and easily
  • Streamline search setup and optimization for more reliable operations
  • Access big data and enterprise content faster and more securely
  • Scale to billions without spending millions

If you surf through our website, you’ll find info on features and benefits, screenshots, a detailed technical overview, and access to product documentation. But that’s all talk. Download Lucidworks Enterprise 2.0, or apply for a spot in the Private Beta for Lucidworks Cloud, and take it for a spin.

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