Here’s the announcement:

Hello Lucene users,

On behalf of the Lucene development community I would like to announce the release of Lucene Java versions 3.0.1 and 2.9.2:

Both releases fix bugs in the previous versions:

– 2.9.2 is a bugfix release for the Lucene Java 2.x series, based on Java 1.4
– 3.0.1 has the same bug fix level but is for the Lucene Java 3.x series, based on Java 5.

New users of Lucene are advised to use version 3.0.1 for new developments, because it has a clean, type-safe API.

Important improvements in these releases include:

– An increased maximum number of unique terms in each index segment.
– Fixed experimental CustomScoreQuery to respect per-segment search. This introduced an API change!
– Important fixes to IndexWriter: a commit() thread-safety issue, lost document deletes in near real-time indexing.
– Bugfixes for Contrib’s Analyzers package.
– Restoration of some public methods that were lost during deprecation removal.
– The new Attribute-based TokenStream API now works correctly with different class loaders.

Both releases are fully compatible with the corresponding previous versions. We strongly recommend upgrading to 2.9.2 if you are using 2.9.1 or 2.9.0; and to 3.0.1 if you are using 3.0.0.

See core changes at

and contrib changes at

Binary and source distributions are available at

Lucene artifacts are also available in the Maven2 repository at