After reviewing a lot of great talk proposals, we’ve announced the agenda for Apache Lucene Eurocon: Apache Lucene EuroCon – Europe’s Premier Lucene and Solr Search User Conference.

One of the things I really like about this agenda is it is a great mix of basics, use cases from all over the search map (CMS, news, social media, advertising), business decisions (see last list and next list) and advanced topics (NLP, collab filtering, machine learning, advanced visualization, multilingual).  Moreover, the content, even though it is centered in Lucene, goes well beyond just being about Lucene and is really about search, in all of it’s power and glory.  It’s about real users with real needs getting real problems solved using the Lucene ecosystem.  Oh, and by the way, those users are doing it at scale!  Big scale.

That’s powerful stuff, because, in case you hadn’t noticed (shh, it’s our little secret) there is a revolution going on in search.  (Funny how that line coincides with Lucid’s frontman, Eric Gries, giving a talk titled “The Search Revolution”)

Are you a part of the revolution?  See you in Prague in mid-May.