Another year, another successful ApacheCon Europe, at least as far as Lucene, Solr and I are concerned.  This year, like last, Erik Hatcher and I had trainings on Lucene and Solr.  Both were well attended, despite the economy, showing once again the power of open source and the fact that people are still invested in search.  (If you missed the training, see here for alternatives.)

During the conference, there were several talks on Lucene, Solr,  Mahout and Droids.  Slides are available at:

Additionally, for the first time,  we had a Lucene Meetup (sponsored by Lucid).  I’d estimate there were around 60 people there and we had some good discussions on Tika, Lucene, Solr and Mahout.    Also, Uwe Schindler presented his new TrieRange Query capabilities.  Slides are available here.

Finally, my favorite part of the conference is always the individual conversations with people using the Lucene ecosystem to solve their problems.  Each year, it seems, people have more and more new ideas about how to use Lucene and Solr, many of which go beyond “traditional” search.  Over the coming months, I think you will see more and more of Lucid highlighting all Lucene ecosystem users through our Podcasts, Wiki Showcase and other features coming soon.  So, if you think you’ve got something cool using the Lucene ecosystem, add a comment below or drop us a line at

UPDATE: 4/9/09:  Uri has sent me his slides and they can be downloaded at: Apache Solr Case Study