Ahhh…. ApacheCon!   It’s that time again, and in one of America’s finest cities (Portland, Oregon).  Location and quality content, you can’t beat that.  If you’re active in the “big data”, search, and cloud worlds, you owe it to yourself and your employer to get to ApacheCon later this month.

First let me highlight two related presentations immediately relevant to Solr users:

Solr Query Parsing

Interpreting what the user meant and what they ideally would like to find is tricky business. This talk will cover useful tips and tricks to better leverage and extend Solr’s analysis and query parsing capabilities to more richly parse and interpret user queries.


Synonyms and Relevancy Strategies

How to use the Synonym filter to build advanced semantic transformations in your search to add more capabilities for your user. Learn how to use synonyms with Dismax or EDismax generating a semantic relevancy while boosting the right documents in your search to make it work better.

Take a look at the schedule. There are many talks for you big data / cloud folks.  Here’s a breakdown of them by track:

Cloud Crowd

Big Data