Lucidworks Enterprise offers several ways to leverage social factors when building your own search applications. Social search factors determine result relevance not only using traditional mechanisms such as computing intrinsic similarity of the query to the content of the page, but also what humans think about that similarity.

This paper provides an overview of several ways in which Lucidworks Enterprise utilizes user actions and reactions to provide the most relevant search results possible. These include:

  • Social search: What is it, why it matters, and how you can use it to make the search applications you build more effective.
  • Auto-suggest and did-you-mean: How collaborating with the user to create better queries increases relevance and satisfaction.
  • Human judgment: Some additional ways you can leverage your judgment to improve relevance.
  • Unsupervised feedback: How you can use document intelligence to improve results
  • Click Scoring: How you can get all the benefits of leveraging user behavior without having to build a whole new custom infrastructure.

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