Funny how when building a start up entrepreneurial enterprise, by working with customers and building one success after another you can sometimes see market movements that make you believe you may be on to something good. You then talk to the knowledgeable press and analysts to get their impressions and the feedback is generally positive but cautious (God forbid they totally commit themselves before Oracle, IBM or another of the majors jumps in). Then BAM!!!! Another company makes a product announcement that makes you realize you’re not crazy after all; and the wave of opportunity may just be turning your way.  I refer to the recent press activity around DataStax, where they announced they are including Solr, the world’s most popular open source enterprise search technology, in their new product release. According to DataStax CEO Billy Bosworth, search integration is a key piece of the puzzle that has been missing from Big Data solutions. Well I, for one, whole heartedly agree, Billy.

I blogged on this very topic just a few weeks ago stating that the preponderance of tools for Big Data applications are still focused on the traditional BI initiatives that handle structured data. Totally ignored in these initiatives is a solution that handles the other 75% plus enterprise data, which is unstructured. And it is this unstructured data that holds a significant competitive advantage for organizations to tap into. So I’d like to give a big SHOUT OUT to DataStax for being so visionary and coming to the conclusion we’ve had for awhile here at Lucidworks.

Lucid agrees that DataStax made a big move in the right direction with their decision to include Solr.  Now when enterprises want things like:

  • A more robust security infrastructure,
  • Easy GUI configurability for ranking and relevancy tuning
  • Increased scalability
  • The ability to push search into the cloud
  • Elasticity to build out the application

stop by – we are just down the street ready to lend a hand.  Built on top of Lucene/Solr, Lucidworks provides an open search platform that is ready to handle the biggest of Big Data.  In the meantime, the more the merrier, DataStax, and welcome aboard…