I attended the Hadoop Summit a while back specifically to hear Geoffrey Moore’s keynote (video here). Previously, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing him a few times and always look forward to his thoughts and insight. Once again, he didn’t disappoint. Mr. Moore used his experience in the technology space over the last four decades to highlight the major trends for each decade. He ended the keynote by providing his glimpse into the future.

The key takeaway for me was something that I have suspected for awhile but Mr. Moore’s clarity was truly inspiring. During the past decade, the web oriented consumer market has been racing ahead with new innovation in the areas of social collaboration, information access and scale. At the same time, enterprise computing has been consolidating – primarily through the deployment of virtualization technology and budget restrictions in a post Y2K environment. Now that tide is turning as enterprises begin looking to adopt the technology advancements that have historically been available on the web to stay current. For example, Hadoop (which was pioneered on the web at companies like Yahoo) is allowing the enterprise to address the traditional scale limitations that previously challenged Corporate IT. Called Big Data, this transformational technology will become a foundational cornerstone within the IT technology portfolio for the foreseeable future. And based on Mr. Moore’s methodology, Hadoop is currently in the early market adopter phase.

But what got me really excited was when Mr. Moore listed the contributing technologies and capabilities that will surround and support this Big Data Movement. He said…. Wait for it…Yep you are right…… ENTERPRISE SEARCH!!!! TA DA!! Only one thing could have made his declaration even better and that one thing is if he said “call Lucidworks to solve all of your Big Data and Enterprise Search problems”.

Enterprise Search is a MUST-have component for any enterprise information technology portfolio and a MUST-have within a Big Data technology stack. It enables the broadest range of users in the enterprise to easily and quickly get the information they need—similar to search on the web. With the validation and sponsorship of visionaries like Mr. Moore, the future never looked brighter here at Lucidworks. We always knew we had something special and thanks to market leaders like Geoffrey Moore, the IT world will now be a better place.