Check out today’s interview of Satish Gannu, director of engineering at Cisco responsible for their Pulse platform, a social technology-driven expert system. Using Lucene/Solr at the core of their offering, Cisco changes the equation on the classic knowledge-management platform by speeding knowledge value — cutting the time it takes to find people in the organization who know what they’re talking about.

Why are you interested in Lucene/Solr?
We talked to multiple companies, and we decided that Lucene and Solr were the best search options. As I said, we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. We looked at available Lucene builds. We read the books. Then we started working with Lucid. Our hands on testing actually validated the software. We learned how mature it is. The road map for things which are coming up was important to us.

What do you mean?
Well, we had some specific ideas in mind. For example, we wanted to do certain extensions on top of basic Lucene. With the road map, open source gives us an an opportunity to do our own intellectual property on the top of Lucene/Solr.

You can read the full interview here.