If you’re old enough (like me) you may remember the movie “The Mouse that Roared.” Well, here I go—ROAR!!! Amazon, are you listening??

Probably not, which is why I like our chances in this battle.

Amazon announced last week their CloudSearch Beta, which was not a surprise to me since it supports the tremendous interest we’ve seen since we launched our cloud search service 2 months ago.

I can’t tell you how many websites I visit where I type what I want to view into the search box and get back garbage or worse yet “no results found.” Effective website search should be such a basic concept but unfortunately it has been poorly executed in a vast majority of public websites. Lucid has been providing cloud based search, Lucidworks Search, for websites since early February (production not Beta). Lucidworks Search also benefits enterprises who have private clouds and even SAAS application vendors who would like to provide their customers greater insight into the valuable content within their applications.

But back to Amazon…their initial offering lacks a lot of basic capabilities in the areas of security, data acquisition and business rules. However, winning these battles is never about technology but on customer success; and customer success comes from great customer service. Just look at examples such as Nordstrom and Apple. True customer service in the cloud is not part of Amazon’s business model. But it is a big part of Lucid’s business model. We are building infrastructure and processes to deliver “beyond great customer service”; as well as continuing to enhance the functionality our customers needs and want.

Amazon, we applaud your insight for something we already knew but I have to say that I really like our chances.