Community Conference BerlinThe 2d annual Berlin Buzzwords 2011 conference comes to the German capital again this spring, June 6-7, organized by the European dev and open source community for scalable search, data analysis and NoSQL projects. Topics include current developments in the Apache projects Hadoop, Lucene and Solr, scaling search,  NoSQL databases such as Apache CouchDB, HBase and MongoDB  and more.

Conference organizers include:  our friends Isabel Drost (Member of the Apache Software Foundation, PMC member Apache community development and co-founder of Apache Mahout), Jan Lehnardt (PMC member Apache CouchDB) and Simon Willnauer (Apache Lucene PMC member), in colloboration with conference producers Newthinking GmbH.

The format features a mixture of short lightning talks as well as long, in-depth tutorials, plus lots of networking time during and after the conference attendees to network with core project developers as well as commercial users. Food and drinks are included in the conference ticket. Details at