Lucidworks CEO Will Hayes latest Forbes columns looks at the ways scammers take advantage of the big holes in big data to prey on all of us:

“The immense amount of data we expose about ourselves make it incredibly easy to get targeted. … These profiles make it easier than ever for up-to-no-gooders to target us — they know exactly where our personal insecurities are and they can tailor attacks in ways that are perfectly suited for their victims. Here’s a look at seven common human insecurities and how scammers attempt to take advantage.

1. Money: You’ve likely seen scams like this: “Earn $800 a week just sitting home and filling out surveys!” Scammers promise quick money for little effort, and all you have to do is pay the “low” price of $34.95 to access the survey database that probably doesn’t even exist. Another common scam is job listings that promise employment from government sources. These fraudulent postings lure people into giving away personal and financial data with the promise of getting a stable, well-paid job.”

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