I will be presenting two sessions at the devoxx conference next week in Antwerp, Belgium.  Both sessions share the same title “Solr Power with Lucene” and abstract.  The first session is a 3 hour “University” course, the second talk is a 1 hour succinct version.

Solr powers the search of many enterprise applications, and long before Solr shone on enterprise search, Lucene – Solr’s core library, was and still is used to drive the search of applications pervasively around the world. In this university lecture we’ll cover the typical workflow of getting data into Solr, configuring Solr’s indexing and search processes, and building a searching client user interface. Common indexing options will be explored: database (JDBC) indexing, RSS/Atom and other XML data sources, CSV formatted data, rich text (Word, PDF, HTML, etc) documents and indexing through Solr’s various native language APIs. Solr’s configurability and usage options discussion will include query parsing, faceting, relevancy ranking, spell checking, highlighting, clustering and more-like-this.