Findability: Designing the Search Experience

Consumer search engines have set user expectations at a simple box – and billions are being invested to deliver findability to satisfy a world of consumers.

But you don’t need billions of dollars or millions of users to build a user-friendly search application. In fact, studies of how and why people search have revealed a set of principles that — if followed — result in happy users who find what they’re seeking with as little friction as possible.

Join special guest Tyler Tate, user experience designer at UK-based TwigKit Search, for a high-level discussion of key user interface strategies for search that can be leveraged with Lucene and Solr. The presentation covers:

  • Ten things to know about designing the search experience
  • When to assume users know what they’re looking for — and when not to
  • Navigation/discovery techniques, such as faceted navigation, tag clouds, histograms and more
  • Practical considerations in leveraging suggestions into search interactions