A new review of Lucidworks Enterprise is posted at dzone.com’s Solr-Lucene Zone, by independent technologist Ed Rought.

The review provides a good overview of Lucidworks Enterprise for the uninitiated, from installation to searching. An excerpt:

After the indexing was complete, I tried searching the documents.  This was a very pleasant surprise, it searched the documents for any set of words given and returned a list of relevant documents very quickly.  In addition to the list, a sidebar list also gives quick links to documents by author, source, keywords, and types of documents.  The automated suggestion mechanism is one of the big features of Lucidworks Enterprise over the generic Solr installation.


Lucidworks Enterprise has a significant set of enhancements for providing the user with a better search experience.  The documentation has a large portion dedicated to covering how Lucidworks Enterprise can be tuned to provide more accurate and relevant searches for the users.

The reviewer then goes on to offer some practical tips and common mistakes to avoid. Check out the full writeup here.