A robust search platform is an essential tool in applying your unique knowledge of your data and your customer to successful online merchandising. If you can quickly and easily tailor the search solution you use to your site, your search results ensure customers can find the exact products they want to buy. Your business results? a distinct competitive advantage that keeps customers on your site and increases your revenue conversion rates.

This paper examines some of the key factors to consider when configuring your e-commerce site search and discovery. Apache Solr/Lucene, the Lucene Search Server, is leading customers to products at major e-commerce sites around the world. Solr offers ready-to-use features such as faceting, suggestions, and hints, language localizations, and more. Its technical advantages include the ability to get up and running quickly with rapid prototyping and integration, and efficient utilization of servers and systems. Because Solr/Lucene is open source, software licensing costs remains constant—even as your site’s search load increases. New requirements from the business side are easily accommodated; their effect on discoverability/findability can be effectively monitored and analyzed using market-leading tools. With open-source innovation, a worldwide community, and dedicated support from Lucid Imagination, you can customize Solr to get the relevant results your customers want and need for a compelling e-commerce experience.